Centre for Creative Practices from Dublin would like to let you know about our two major initiatives in the field of artistic professional development for artists of all disciplines.

Profitable Artist Boot Camp – 4 day intensive workshop, presented in the RHA in Dublin in association with the New York Foundation for the Arts. The bootcamp addresses in a very practical way the core aspects of artistic entrepreneurship and business skills and serves to make artists self-sufficient, to build strong careers in the arts.

For the first time in Ireland New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) will present their complete “how-to” guide to being a professional and profitable working artist. Participants will also have forged a link with the New York and international arts market. Selected participants will have a chance to exhibit their work in the NYFA’s acclaimed Brooklyn space.

Details are here: www.cfcp2.ie/pab


Information Clinic on Funding Opportunities for ethnically diverse artists will take place in Dublin in conjunction with the Arts Council on September 27th. A free day of talks and information sessions by leading Arts Organisations on funding available to Artists in all genres of the Arts. They will also cover technicalities such as eligibility, completing applications, assessment criteria and case studies. More information on this event is available at www.cfcp2.org/info2013


We would also like to invite artists to complete our Artists Survey, which will inform any future opportunities in the area of professional development for Artists. The survey’s results will be published by the end of this year and the findings distributed nationwide to all arts organisations in Ireland.

Take the survey here: http://artisticsurvey.questionpro.com/ or share it among your artist and creative practitioner colleagues.

Centre for Creative Practices, Dublin is an Arts Centre dedicated to connecting, supporting and promoting migrant, emerging and experimental artists. CFCP provides an Inclusive environment and multidisciplinary programme focused on integration of different societies through arts and culture.