Sweet Hands Spicy Feet, a performance for babies aged 3 months to 18 months old taking place at the Gaiety School of Acting Sunday 14th of July at 12:30pm.


Sweet Hands Spicy Feet is a 30-minute movement and percussion piece telling three short stories about plants and animals of a caraibbean island. We are using our feet and hands as puppets and music is the main language used to narrate the story to the children although text is spoken. From three months old babies start discovering their hands and feet and are fascinating by how they are used, and as observing them is a huge part of their learning process, Sweet Hands Spicy Feet hope to accompany children in their discoveries, fostering their mobility. Come and Join us on our Island!


Please note that older children are welcome but they must be warned that the plays is intended for younger children and that they will have to enjoy the show quietly and from their seat to facilitate the performance.


The performance is part of an MA assessment and will be filmed, therefore only the children whose parents have signed the release form attached will be allowed in. The capacity is 30 people maximum so early booking is recommended. To book email kidding.ensemble@gmail.com This is a free event.