Makeshift Ensemble Presents

When being in your 20s is more about M&Ms than leaving your living room.


Makeshift Ensemble’s theatre repertoire continues to expand across Ireland this year, with the premier of the group’s work-in-progress piece Montage as part of 10 Days in Dublin. Running July 8th – 10th at 5pm in Temple Bar’s The Exchange, Makeshift Ensemble’s Montage explores the thoughts, wishes and anxieties of characters Rebecca and Claire as they deal with the prospects of post-graduation life.

Written by Makeshift Ensemble’s Lydia Fischer-Dooley and Rebecca Feely, Montage is set in the living room of the characters Rebecca and Claire’s rented apartment. M&Ms, E.R. and a dislike for saxophone renditions of ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ punctuate Claire and Rebecca’s daily conversations, and with Claire’s eccentric personality and Rebecca’s inability to understand ‘young people’, the thought of graduating becomes a looming and intimidating prospect. Exploring themes of post-graduation, friendship, and student life, this play tackles the growing issue university graduates grapple with daily ‘Will any of these student issues matter in the future?’

Montage’s story will come to life July 8th – 10th at The Exchange and like this piece itself, the work-in-progress nature of Rebecca’s and Claire’s relationship promises laughs, reflection and a new understanding of the oyster family. The Cork-based theatre company Makeshift Ensemble, originating from the cast and crew of 2010 CAMPO/Cork Midsummer Festival F*** My Life, continues to create theatre that is different, young and inquisitive. With previous productions including Osteoporosis the MusicalNo One Can Hear You In There and this year’s production of Exit Strategy which performs as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival 2013, Makeshift Ensemble’s Montage continues a strain of theatre that sees the world through young, different and informed eyes.



Venue             The Exchange, Temple Bar

Dates/times    Mon 8th @ 5pm/Tues 9th @ 5pm/Wed 10th @ 5pm

Duration         30 mins, no interval

Tickets           €3

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