Six actors, including 2 children, needed for live-action drama with a twist to be shot in early August


Short log line: A model family spends a perfect summer afternoon on an idyllic picnic, when the unexpected arrival of two guests sheds a new and sinister light on a seemingly blissful break.

Shooting dates: 2 days in early August, specific days TBD (weather dependent)

Shooting location: Co Offaly (transport provided or travel costs refunded)

Audition location and dates: Dublin, 26-29th of June, specific day and time TBD

Pay: As it’s an independently financed low budget project, unfortunately we cannot offer pay at this time. However, lunch, transport to/from the location, a copy of DVD, imdb credit, and a lot of fun during the shoot is included!

Application requirements: please send your headshot(s), CV and preferably a link to a showreel indicating in the subject line for which role you are applying.


All children must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

If you have any questions please contact us the at above e-mail address.


Character descriptions:

Michael (the father)

Age range: 35-45

A physically fit 40-years-old man of pleasant appearance, balanced, composed, with a deep, commanding voice. A man of high social and professional standing yet cheerful, relaxed, and accessible to his kids. In short, he’s a model head of the family and a model father. However, when confronted with a problem or opposition, his pleasant appearance can fade in seconds, transforming him into a highly intimidating person.


Lena (the mother)

Age range: 28-38

A friendly woman in her mid-thirties, elegant, well groomed, dresses fashionably.  Well-educated and from a good family, she’s a perfect match for her husband. In another place and time her spirit would likely push her towards an acting career or seeking out adventures while travelling around the world, but in her family’s current reality she needs to play a good wife and mother, which she fully accepts with a smile, especially as she doesn’t find it that difficult thanks to a very comfortable life style and all the privileges that come along with her husband’s successful career and power.


Albert (the son)

Age range: 7-11

He’s a strong, healthy, cheerful and energetic eight-years-old boy, who gets bored easily. He enjoys all outings and scouting activities, especially if he can do them with his father.


Hanna (the daughter)

Age range: 4-6

She’s a sweet and carefree five-year-old girl, curious about everything around her and not afraid to explore the world to find the answers on her own. She adores her parents just as they adore her, maybe a bit less her older brother, who, not surprisingly, teases her sometimes. Completely unaware of the context of the place and time in which she’s living, she’s having the perfect childhood that every kid would like to have.


Officer I (name and position explained in the script)

Age range: 25-35

Officer in his early 30s, he strikes everyone with his confidence and pride from the very first impression. He always holds his head high. Disciplined and strong-willed, he hates weakness, inactivity, and lack of initiative, and admires intelligence, guts, and bold actions. Despite his arrogant behaviour and attitude, he can be a funny guy with his colleagues, charming and tactful in social circles, respectful to superiors, nice with kids, and unspeakably brutal to the enemies of the state, or his own.


Officer II (name and position explained in the script)

Age range: 25-35

Inconspicuous, dark-haired, unlike his peer colleague he makes an impression more of an administrative clerk than a field officer or soldier. He is certainly more toned down and reserved in expressing thoughts. He has never seen action on the battlefield (and is not that keen to do so) and climbed up the ranks thanks to his excellent organizational and administrative skills, especially concerning logistics, drawing up procedures and coming up with valuable initiatives.