FUSED is a live point and click adventure video game in which the audience control the action.

Groups of audience members will become players, and they will take turns to command a single
character in order to help them solve puzzles and overcome the challenges they face.
Point and Click adventure games were popular a videogame genre in the 80’s and 90’s as
non­violent story­driven games which relied heavily on puzzles. In this live adaptation of the form,
multiple story lines, fiendish puzzles, and off the cuff humour all combine on stage for the
audience to control. (Think of it live a live version of a ‘choose your own adventure’ book.)

Written and directed by Dan Bergin (10 Days in Dublin, SHIFT, Wozzeck), FUSED is looking for
up to 5 performers, both male and female, who are comfortable with improvisation, comedy, and
storytelling. As audiences will be controlling some of the action, performers will need to be
responsive to audience control while being able to stick to the rules of the game. So a
willingness to just let go and have fun, is essential. 🙂

Auditionees will be asked to tell a short story or monologue and participate in a short workshop of
improvisation exercises.

Knowledge of video games is an advantage but by no means essential.

FUSED will be performed as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival in September 2013.

Auditions will take place on June 8th at 18 South Great Georges Street from 10am to 6pm.

To book an audition time please contact Eoin on ekilko@gmail.com