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I’m so happy to be back to our classes in the One Year Part Time Course at Dublin’s Gaiety School Of Acting.

We ended last term on a high with our showcase, which saw all of us perform scenes with a partner for the other part time class and now we are in preparation for our first public showase.

Parents and friends will be attending our performance on June 26 so everyone is working really hard to make sure we are bringing something strong to the table for our final performance together.

For the first time we will also be doing some group scenes, so we will finally be able to work as ensemble on stage, like we always do in the classroom.

We are taking everything we have learned from the last two terms and putting it into action this term. It’s clear that everyone has grown so much, and people are getting braver with their choices of scenes.

One of the great things about this course is that you learn how to work with people. You could be a great actor, with brilliant techniques, but it means nothing if you can’t work with your co-stars. And negotiating scenes, making decisions on a script, is all quite difficult, but through this course we have all learned how to express ourselves and work together without screaming at each other.

This term is all about perfecting our craft, whereas the last two terms were about discovering our abilities. Because we now all know our strengths the standard has risen hugely, it’s great to see everyone working so hard.

Last week the class were given a special course in Stage Combat. That’s one of the things I love about this one year program, you get to try out lots of different things.

Last term we had an Comedy Improv class with Donal Courtney, which I really can’t recommend enough. He is doing a full day on Sunday May 19th and if you are looking to get into acting this is the best way to test your skills, check out the Gaiety website or give them a call for more information on 01 679 9277.

There are a lot of workshops taking place over the next few weeks so make sure to have a good look through the website if you are looking to do a course for a day.

This week we will be focusing on our new scenes, and we are already beginning to choreograph our movements in our scenes. It’s a long process and there is a lot of work ahead, but it will be worth it when we take our final bow next month.

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