My name is Sarah, I am a TV researcher for Blueprint Pictures. We are planning on making a documentary about redheads for RTE 2 with TV presenter and fashion journalist (and natural redhead herself) Angela Scanlon (The Love Clinic, The Movie Show).

As part of the of the documentary, we want to do a flash mob (using only red heads) in the Dundrum Town Center on Thursday, the 2nd of May. The flash mob will involve around fifty people and it will take less than five minutes. We would walk those taking part to perform the routine three times, at intervals of an hour each time. We would want to film in the center between 6 and 9pm.

The mob is known as a freeze flash mob and would be done in the style of the video below. We will simply have the fifty people show up in the center and then at a pre-determined spot, we will have them stand still for two minutes. We will not put them in positions that would obstruct non-involved people in the center. We will have two cameramen present with us on the day, yet they will be filming secretly and in a manner that will not bring attention to themselves. Here is a link to another frozen flash mob.

Also, to help distinguish the group, we are asking everyone to wear a black top or t-shirt for the shoot itself.

If you are over the age of 18 and interested in being involved and getting a chance to be on television, you  can contact me directly (details below). I look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah Blake Knox
TV Researcher
Blueprint Pictures
45 Upper Mount Street
Dublin 2.
Tel: 01-6114989