Holding castings tomorrow, Tuesday at 5.15pm in Windmill Lane Recording Studios, 20 Ringsend Road Dublin 2, for an exciting new short film. It’s an adaptation of the Asops Fable ‘Wind and Sun’. It’s a silent film that will be shooting the 26th, 27th, 28th of April in Windmill Lane recording studios and Malahide beach front.
It’s a really exciting little project being directed by Aisling O’Gara who is currently directing showreels for Brown Bag Films.
The roles are unpaid but the short is for festival submissions and will get great exposure, for a nice showreel piece.
We are holding castings for the following roles, and ideally looking for really good comedy actors, huge experience is not essential as it is a silent film but great expressions and a good fun personality is ideal for this project.
GIRL – 20 – 25, preferably blonde, with fair skin, very attractive but more girl next door than model – esque. Looking for a girl with great expressions who isn’t afraid of a bit of fun! It’s a very tongue in cheek role so we want someone who is up for a bit of fun. One specification is her hair does need to be long, as a lot of wind machines will be used.
SUN – 20 – 25, tall, dark haired, preferably attractive, clean cut, slim, this character is quite adventurous and the actor should have great sense of self confidence with an ability to ‘strut’ and find fun in posing! The character is quite self indulgent. We would most likely be covering him in non permanent fake tan.
WIND – 20 – 25, Burly, rugged  broad build, long- ish hair if possible. again comedy acting here is essential, especially the facial expressions, we are looking for some over the top eyebrow and blowing actions! Someone who is really up for a bit of fun.
RAIN – 20 – 25, Lanky, with a memorable face, an awkward and goofy character so again good comedic sensibilities are vital. This is the most mino of the three roles.
Please respond with names and details, head-shots are not essential for this, but if you have them and it’s not an inconvenience then please forward them.
If you could put your agency name in the subject bar for response that would be great!
Please email: shannonmccormackcasting@gmail.com