Shorelight is about two people who encounter each other at dawn every morning along Sandymount strand. Their lives are different but in the early hours on Dublin bay they are drawn to one another.

The script is loose and encourages improvisation.

Early 30s
Aoife is a nurse from South Dublin. She works in a nursing home near Sandymount. She
is stressed from the work that she does and also because she is a single mother to a
three year old. Because of pay cuts and childcare needs she has recently moved back in
with her parents. To get some time on her own and to clear her head before coming home
to a full house, Aoife goes running along the strand after work every day.

Early 20s
Rory is from Inner City Dublin. His family owns a fishing shop so he spends his early
mornings out on the beach digging for bait out on Sandymount strand. Rory is bright,
honest and a thinker. He likes being out early in the mornings, alone with his thoughts on
Dublin bay. He has aspirations to move on further in life than the rest of his family has
gone so far, but has to deal with the fact that his family owes money to a violent gang and
he can sometimes find himself in the crosshairs.

This is a no budget production.  Expenses will be paid and copy given for showreel. We plan to finish the film in time for entry to Galway Film Fleadh.

Casting for a short film to be shot Sat 27 and Sun 28 April, early morning.

Interested actors please forward CV and headshot to Niamh at before Tuesday 16 April.