A new Internet business requires actors to provide real life feedback (on camera)
on their own experiences with famous brands products and services, anything
from Abercrombie and Fitch to Zara, Budweiser to Vodafone, Rabo Bank to

This online initiative will enable consumers to provide video feedback on products and services
that they buy. So if you really love those new shoes you bought you can share it with the
world, and the company that made them, and maybe they will give you something towards
your next pair! Or, if your mobile phone provider is really letting you down, you can share your
dissatisfaction publicly and let them come back to you with their remedy.

Videos will be a maximum of 1 minute long and can be recorded on a camera, webcam or
mobile. The aim is to capture a few hundred videos in the next few weeks.

Gaiety School of Acting students have the opportunity to earn a little cash for being in front of a
camera (or behind it capturing their friends and family).

If you are interested, please contact Bartley O’Connor (bartley@sqeeler.com). For further
information, come to the Gaiety School of Acting on Tuesday, 9th April at 2pm where Bartley
will explain more!