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A final year media studies student at NUI Maynooth is looking to cast 2 leads for a short film.

Looking for 1 male and 1 female actor to play the leads in the film, (aged late teens/early twenties).

There is also a non-speaking role for an exceptionally tall actor if there is any interest in that but that one is not a pressing concern.

‘Unproven’ is about a guy who tries to rescue a girl from a woodland where she has been trapped by a mysterious spell that can only be broken by proving an ancient mathematical problem.

In doing so a terrible evil is awakened placing them both in grave danger.

Attached below is a full script and treatment to provide a fuller idea of what the film is about.

Filming will take place in the following locations:

-In the wooded area of NUI Maynooth south campus.

-In Maynooth castle, also on NUI Maynooth south campus.

-There will be one or two scenes on a street just outside Maynooth campus.

-Two scenes will take place in a house in Maynooth, this location is currently being scouted.

The  auditions will be quite relaxed, candidates will be asked to do a reading from a scene in the script.

A # is placed at the beginning of this scene – please refer to attached script.



A CV/Headshot  will not be necessary to apply.

Prior experience of film acting would be preferred but it is not essential.


As it is a student film, there is no budget, therefore it is not a paid role. Travel expenses can be covered if that is an issue.


The cast will be supplied with a copy of the finished film to use as they please.


The film should hopefully be shot over one day on the weekend of the 13th of April.

Casting sessions will be held in the 2 weeks before that, beginning the 1st of April. Dates and locations will be finalized in due course.


If interested, please email Declan Duffy on DECLAN.DUFFY.2011@nuim.ie

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