If you feel you or someone you know may fit the description of any of these characters please forward a headshot and some details of experience to rebeccastapleton1@gmail.com,


We are currently casting for an ad for P&O Irish Ferries. It will be a one day shoot on Tuesday 16th April setting off from Lairne, Northern Ireland.
All parts will be non dialogue but we are looking for quite a natural presence.

We will be holding casting auditions in the Central Hotel in Dublin on Monday 25th March but we are looking for all artists to have a Northern Ireland base .

Fee: £250 basic studio fee and then £1000 on top. The advert will be 3 months on regional tv and one year on the internet.
Child rate TBC

We are looking for a number of characters ranging in age:

1. A business woman. Late 20s/late 30s, must be attractive and hold a full driving licence.
2. Loader. Male 20s/30s. Attractive.
3. Man. 30s/40s. Attractive. Pushing a plate away.
4. 7 year old girl. Very pretty and cute. She will be colouring.
5. Mum of the girl. We would like this to be the child’s real mum or someone very close to her i.e Aunt, and someone she will be comfortable with. The mum should be attractive mid 30s.
6. Middle aged couple. Should be late 50s/early 60s. Have a warm presence about them. They will be dozing off together in a close up shot.