Everything has a middle a beginning and an end.

And so we have reached the end of our 10 week course.

Its all about knowing what to do when and with whom.
Bill helped each of us with shaping our plan to move forward. I will miss him on Mondays.


The class sat around the table munching on healthy nibbles provided by Noirin. Everyone was scribbling furiously as Bill dished out the relevant names of Production Companies.
The 9pm curfew came rather quickly…..a sort of sadness, yet a sense of achievement  was very prevalent in the atmosphere. We lingered,  we took photos and wished each other well.

The past 10 weeks has not only helped me to respect the profession of presenting on TV,  but its helped me personally on many levels,  confidence in public speaking and my own self esteem.
I have discovered some strengths and weakness’.  If something doesn’t work, maybe its not supposed to.  Focus on what you’re good at and don’t try and fix whats not broken.

Thanks to our tutor Bill Hughes who is a master, and a credit to the industry, not to mention his dedication, patience and passion. The Gaiety School of Acting itself and everyone in it for promoting an outlet for talent or even the facility to explore that talent within. A wonderful and worth while experience I have had the pleasure to attend. ………..What am I going to do on Monday night now.