Casting Call

Ciara’s Conflict is a student short of approximately 10 minutes being produced by final year

media students of NUI Maynooth.

Plot Synopsis

The story follows a teenage girl’s struggle with her mother’s Alzheimer’s. Ciara and

Evelyn’s roles have become reversed as the illness takes over and Ciara becomes the sole

primary carer of her mother. Ciara is also very conflicted about her future and the future

of her mother. As an extremely talented individual everyone around Ciara encourages

her to continue on to third level education and follow her dreams of becoming a barrister.

Ciara longs for the relationship of old she used to share with her mother before her illness.

Throughout the short Ciara is forced to face the reality of choosing between the responsibility

of continuing to care for her mother, who she loves dearly, or to build a life of her own and

go to college. Joan, a neighbour and source of help to Ciara and Evelyn is the person to help

Ciara decide on what to do.


Ciara is a leaving certificate student approximately 18 years old. She is Evelyn’s only

child. Ciara had a happy childhood and a great relationship with her mother, until her illness

started to get serious. Ciara is her mother’s primary carer and displays great patience and

compassion with her mother. She is also a very bright student and is studying for her leaving

certificate. She aspires to study law however this would require leaving home and leaving

her mum, with the only option that seems to be available is to admit her to a care home. She

hides her feelings from her mother.


Evelyn is a middle aged woman in her early fifties and a single mum of one who suffers from

Alzheimer’s. She lives with her only child Ciara. Evelyn grew up with two sisters of which

she was the middle child. She lived in the countryside during her childhood and regularly

returns to this situation due to her illness. She is a deeply religious person evident from the

furnishings in the house and her rosary beads and prayer book. Evelyn is also a lover of

music. She often listens to old records and hums along. We sometimes see glimpses of the

Evelyn of old especially when with her daughter.


Joan, a woman also in her early fifties, is a neighbour of Evelyn and Ciara and has seen Ciara

grow up as well as being a friend to Evelyn before and through her illness. Joan helps Ciara

out now and then with looking after Evelyn, especially when Ciara goes to school. Joan is the

one who encourages Ciara to apply for college. She is a very loud and talkative person who

is full of compassion and likes to gossip to Evelyn, who sometimes has no idea what or who,

she is on about. However Joan has burdens of her own and recognises that neither she nor

Ciara can take care of Evelyn full time as the disease progresses.


If interested in any of the roles and would like to gain more information on the short,

please contact Aine.


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