A film student, Eboney Steward, is currently seeking the following for a short film:

Harold- A young professional, about 23-28 years old, who lives with his current girlfriend, and discovers using her shower products in place of his own. Auditioning actors should own at least two sets of business attire. A set of pajamas or leisure clothes will be needed, as will swim trunks, for the bathroom scenes. Also, running clothes/shoes would be a big plus!
Marlena: About the same age as Harold, also career oriented. Two sets of business attire, will be needed, with a set of pajamas or leisure clothes.
Karen: A coworker of Harold’s, about mid thirties to early forties. One set of business attire will be needed for her scene.
Lunch will be provided, and call times will be announced prior to the shooting days.

Please contact: eboney.steward@mymail.champlain.edu.
Auditions will be held on Wednesday afternoon, at Champlain College. 43 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. 3:00-6:00 PM.