Casting Call from Curved Films

Male (20-35) & Female (20-35) for “Fatal Reservation”

“Fatal Reservation” is a short (6 or 7 minutes in length) film to be shot over a weekend
in early April (exact dates to be confirmed).

This is a no-budget production and, therefore, the role is unpaid. There will, however,
be lunch and refreshments provided on the day. Rehearsals might be needed so
flexibility and reliability are essential.


On a dark and stormy night Janet calls to an isolated roadside motel. Her arrival startles
the receptionist (Andy), who is busy cutting stories about a serial killer from the local
newspaper. We quickly realise that both characters have something to hide and that
one of them may not make it out of the motel alive, but which one? “Fatal Reservation”
mixes comedy, horror and suspense to keep us guessing right until its dramatic

Character description: Janet (20-35 years old)

Janet is a confident and driven young woman. Although outwardly pleasant and well
intentioned she is not afraid to resort to drastic means to get what she wants. She
often feels totally justified in whatever course she takes, even if others may view it

Character description: Andy (20-35 years old)

Andy has worked at the local motel for many years. His happiest time is late at night
when all the guests have gone to bed and he can sit alone with his favourite magazines
and stories. Many would consider his hobbies to be unhealthy and obsessive.

Headshots and CV to be sent to:

Selected applicants will be called for audition by email.
Auditions will be held in Dublin between 26th of Feb and 5th of March.

How to apply

Contact Info: Carl Murphy