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So sorry I haven’t been blogging about the course in  week or so, but it’s a good sign, it’s because we’ve all been working so intensely on our scenes.

Term two has kick of the One Year Part Time Acting Course in the Gaiety School Of Acting in Temple Bar has exceeded my expectations.

It has been so intense since day one. We knew there was going to be a slight shift this term but we have really upped it a knotch.

As well as doing our two classes a week we are spending a lot of time working with our scene partners outside school hours.

It’s great coming in to class an hour early and seeing all my class mates working at their scenes, everyone is so dedicated.

Our showcase is in two weeks, and we are all feeling the pressure. I definitely feel like I’m being pushed more this term, which is great because I want to keep on improving.

It can be frustrating some times but once you get it right it feels so good. Me and my scene partner are doing a really gritty scene from The Clink by Stephen Jeffrey’s, it is difficult but each time we rehearse we discover something new about our characters.

Right now the entire class are pushing themselves really hard to make this showcase the best yet. So I’m excited to see the scenes again this week.

In the meantime, our tutor Antoiette Duffy is directing a piece of theatre for the Collaborations Festival this week in Smock Alley Theatre.

It’s definitely worth taking a look. You can read more about it here: Salt On Our Skin.

I’m really excited for my next class, and I’m looking forward to our showcase. I will be updating a blog on my experience at the Gaiety School Of Acting every week on Miss Red.

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