Champlain film student, currently working on a short film going into production next month seeks actors for 4 roles. The working title is “The Waiting” and is a different approach to the modern action film. Rather than cast organization and conspiracies, this film will be looking at a single character, someone who would normally only have a single scene or two in a traditional major action film. The script relays heavily on the ability to convey a mood without words.

Looking to cast for the following 4 characters:


He’s an American born man in his twenties. After leaving the military he quickly found his way into the world of espionage. His time in the military has made him an expert marksmen and those skills are what he has been hired for. Although he might as well be a contracted killer he doesn’t let his job define him. His patience is tested as he waits for the go ahead to complete a job. While the act of killing isn’t that hard in itself, work has taken him far from his fiancé and love of his life, and that for him is unbearable. Samuel struggles to exist in a role that is almost subhuman. He’s been left in a safe house for days waiting without any control over his own existence.


He is a young man with a strong sense of justice and a deep desire to understand. He’s been put onto the scent of a conspiracy of a global scale, and he’ll do anything to bring it to light. He is fast on his feet and a split second decision maker. He lives to out perform and out wit those who would challenge him, but when confronted with situations outside of his control Daniel is left helpless, no matter how skilled or ambitious he is.


He (or she) is bit older than the others. S/He could pass for 30s. Cyrus spent most of his/her time in the police force as a detective, but with a high burnout rate, strict protocols, and what often turns into cynical outlook on life, Cyrus like many others wasn’t going to last forever on the force. While not as strong or fast, Cyrus has one advantage over those who get in his/her way, s/he’s smart. Cyrus’s mind works like a game of chess, s/he’s always several moves ahead. Like many of her/his former brothers and sisters on the force, Cyrus found work with the skills the police has honed. Now working for a private contractor Cyrus and her/his partner have been assigned to find Daniel, who is attempting to get his hand on sensitive governmental information that’s been leaked.


He is partners with Cyrus and the two compliment each other well. Caleb excels in those areas that Cyrus doesn’t. Caleb is also stubborn. He behaves like a hound and never lets go of a scent. When he was told that Daniel was going to try to release sensitive information to the public that was more than enough to get him riled up. He’ll  catch Daniel if given the chance. It’s just a matter of time.

Production will last a few weeks and will require at least two days of shooting for each role.

Looking to cast this quickly so the sooner you get in contact, the better.

Interested candidates should contact the following email address: