Digital Filmaking students seek actors

It is a sort of experimental horror film. Though, I want to shy away from the term “horror” because I picture it being more just strange than horrific. I also plan to add comedic touches to it as well. It is about a man that suffers from sleep paralysis and sees a Demon whenever he awakes during the night. The Demon character in the film will represent the main character’s evil side and the story follows the him through his struggle and eventual cleansing of his Demon/evil persona. One movie that I have been observing in preparation for my film is Donnie Darko. This comparison may help illustrate the feel that I am aiming for.

For my experimental/horror film I am looking to cast two actors and an actress. The characters in the film will be a male lead character, a male demon character, and a female banshee character.

STEVE (Protagonist): Steve is an awkward, clumsy, but well dressed young man (in his 20’s or early 30’s). He is the guy that you feel bad for when you walk by him in a public place because something bad is always happening to him. He suffers from sleep paralysis and is confused and horrified by the demon that he sees, but he becomes confident in his fight to rid the demon figure from his life.

THE DEMON (Antagonist): Is a towering, well-dressed, menacing, suited man with a clear mask that distorts the shape of his real face. He represents the evil inside of the main character. He is always after Steve in Steve’s dreams.

THE BANSHEE: This seemingly dark woman character is hunched over and wears a dark cloak that creates a shadow that covers most of her face. She is very mystical and lets out ear shattering screams whenever there is an impending death. As it turns out, she is more or less trying to help the main character.

Contact Kyle for more information and for the script.