IFTA winning producer/director Anne Heffernan took the class last Monday. Anne won the IFTA last year for ‘The Only Viking in The Village’.  She is a highly respected television professional, so it was great to have her!

We really didn’t know what to expect.  It was the classes first time in front of camera so we were nervous! In my experience it can be frightful to see yourself on TV for the first time! As you see things about yourself that you never see in the mirror. The good thing is that the only person to see these flaws is you (or so you hope!)

So in we all went last Monday evening to meet Anne,  She was lovely. Very professional and respectful. Everyone felt relaxed and comfortable.

Kate went first ……She set the bar very high,  a natural. As the saying goes “the camera loved her “. As each person finished,  Anne gave a critique and we watched it back.
I think everyone was a little shocked at seeing themselves.  Mind you the lighting was not really flattering to anyone. In fact it made us look a little scary, which is probably good as we can only get better. haha!
Facial expressions and hand gestures became very dramatic. The smallest movement magnified and took over the screen. Little movements were like earth quakes.

Eadaoin said ; “My first and lasting thought was Jeazus,,Really?..whats going on there?.speedial to hairdresser.”
Derek Said “Right, time to sign up for the radio presenting course!”
I thought …… Loose that weight now…A face for radio.

The camera really doesn’t lie and adds 10 lbs……. IT DOES
The weeks are rolling by now! See ya next week!



The Gaiety School of Acting are offering a Radio Presentation course with Orla Barry of Newstalk this weekend (Sunday 24th February 2013) from 10am – 5pm, Call us on 01 6799277 to book in. http://www.gaietyschool.com/courses/part_time/short_course_adult/465/#details