I’m looking for a male actor (roughly between the age of 17-20). The character is in his late teens and is a strange, quiet type. The film is roughly under 5 minutes long and practically a silent film. The story of the film is a psychopathic father who kills people and disposes of them in his shed. He lives alone with his horror fanatic son. The son has known about his father’s secret since a young age and has grown to accept it. He even helps to dispose of bodies from time to time. One day the son’s best friend finds out the father’s secret and the son is forced to help his father kill his friend. They bring the body back to the house and the film starts from there. Tensions and emotions are high during the film as the son realizes that blood is thicker than water and in order to survive he must grow up and adapt to what they are.

The film is being shot on super 16mm film in Mullingar on Saturday the 16th & Sunday the 17th of this month. It’s only a student film for college so there won’t be any pay however transport will be provided to the location and lunch will be provided too.  If you are interested in this opportunity please email your headshot and CV to Evan: alienbooze@gmail.com