Fastnet Films is looking for 14 volunteer male extras (ages 18 – 45) for a pub scene in a short film ‘Used’ on Wed the 6th of Feb. It is based in Finglas and is starting at 10.30am.

They are also looking for 2 volunteer male extras (ages 17 – 20) for the same pub scene and and a scene in an industrial estate on Wed the 6th of Feb. Call time will be at 7am.
Interested parties would need to bring a white t-shirt with no logos or stripes on it. If they don’t have a white t-shirt, an off white or light grey t-shirt will do. Again with no stripes or logos on it. Also a dark top, not black, that one might wear for a night out as one of the pub scenes will be as a Friday night.
      The 2 extras (ages 17 – 20) will also need to bring a dark coat or jacket.
For the 14 volunteers, the work will not be paid as it is on a voluntary basis and unfortunately lunch will not be provided. There will be time allocated for you to go to the shops or you could bring in your own lunch and there will be a place for you to eat it there.
The 2 extras (ages 17 – 20) will have lunch provided for them and they will also get a credit in the film.
‘Used’, produced by Fastnet Films and funded by Filmbase, is a story about a woman who is searching desperately for a man and for love, but who looks in all the wrong places for it.
14 Volunteer Extras:
The call time is at 10.30am on Wednesday the 6th of Feb at the Shamrock Lodge in Finglas. It’s on the Seamus Ennis Road. There is parking in the area though some of it is pay and display. The link below contains directions from Parnell St so as to put the pub in some context.
2 extras:
The call time is at 7am on Wednesday the 6th of Feb at Jamestown Business Park Estate on St. Margaret’s Road, Finglas. The link below contains directions from town to put the area in context.
If anyone is interested or would like any more information my details are as follows:
My number is 085 1558153.