My name is Colby Thompson and I’m an American film student from Vermont, currently in my 3rd year.

I’ve written a short film that I’d like to make over this semester (it’s part of a class as well, so it needs to be finished, no chance of derailing!) . I’d be most grateful for any actors who would be interested in working with me on this shoot. I’m currently working on scheduling and budgeting, so dates have yet to be decided upon, but I am looking to film in late February and throughout April. I’m guessing there will be 4 or 5 days of shooting (not in a row, most likely spread over weekends and the odd weekday that people are free.)

Sorry everyone, financially strained film student, the positions won’t be paid.

But I always feed my actors and crew, no one will go on an empty stomach on my set. The footage that I get is more than welcome on any of your reels.

I don’t expect people to jump on the chance to be an extra, but if there are any people who want to be on set, I’d be happy to take you on, and you will also get fed.

GENRE                     PRIMARY: Comedy                                    SECONDARY: Indie/Quirky Drama


JAKE DODGE (M/ read 20-25): Energetic, spontaneous, hot headed and a complete outcast, JAKE DODGE takes advantage of being the second most unpopular kid in town by buddying up with the number one loser with the promise of making him “cool and sexy.” (CO)

BUTCH (M/ reads 20-25): A strong armed bully with nothing better to do than torment passerby’s. BUTCH is the leader of a small stoop gang that constantly picks on DINK. (CO)

DILL (M/ reads 20-25): Butch’s creepy Trackie friend who has an obsession with DINK’s physic. Think “the face of Steve Buscemi with the personality of one of the hillbillies in Deliverance.” (CO)

None Speaking Roles  M or F





Here’s a link to my reel (I’ll be the DP as well) so you can determine if my work is worth your time or not. No hard feelings!

Thanks for looking and I’d be thrilled to hear back from you! If there’s interest in my film, I’ll hold auditions soon.

Please forward your CV and headshot to