‘As I’m in my 40s, my first day was like being back in College. I felt like I’d been catapulted back in time, while sitting in the common room watching the drama students buzzing about. In Class it took everyone a while to settle as it was only the second evening and not everyone knew each other. The level of personal embarrassment was high. To stand in front of people and talk is difficult at the best of times. However  to be able to recite a memorized script was totally freaking me out. Courage and determination was definitely needed. Of course I make a completely idiot of myself. I think everyone felt the same.

Week 3 and 4 were much more relaxed group. The class work was getting more complicated but a lot more fun. We, as a group now, were up for it and everyone encouraged each other and participated.  This week we ended up interviewing each other. Miriam O Callaghan has a lot to answer for! Tonight I have to dig deep and write about someone who means the most to me in my Life. Dealing with emotions. There won’t be a dry eye in the house’

John Healy has been the Maitre’D at ‘The Restaurant’ on RTE since the first programme back in 2002. The Gaiety School of Acting are delighted to have John join the rest of our TV presentation class this term as he learns the tools of the trade and how to enhance his skills from veteran TV producer, Bill Hughes. John has kindly agreed to chronicle his experience of the course with us here on our blog over the next few weeks! We are looking forward to everything he has to say over the coming weeks! You can read more about John on the RTE website here.

The Gaiety School of Acting will be running another TV presentation course next term from Monday 15th April for 10 weeks. We are also hosting a one-day Intensive masterclass in TV presentation with Bill Hughes on Sunday 3rd February. To book into either of these courses please do feel free to call us on 01 6799277 or visit our website: www.gaietyschool.com

John’s blog for the school was recently mentioned in the ‘Mail on Sunday’.