Jessica Ronane Casting is looking for an extraordinary singer and actress to play the young  Shirley Bassey in the forthcoming film –
Company: Rainy Day Films
Producer: Rebekah Gilbertson and Nicole Carmen-Davis
Director: Marc Evans
Casting director: JESSICA RONANE CDG
Location: WALES/LONDON/TBCThe story is about the singer and international icon and is a ‘rite of passage’ tale of a woman who set out to be extraordinary and against all the odds succeeded to break out of her humble origins and become an international star.

Shirley is feisty and determined. She lives with her mother and sisters with whom she has a good relationship and her stepfather; a gregarious alcoholic with an aggressive streak. Her biological father was deported when she was a child for raping a minor.

After leaving school Shirley gets a job in the local factory however she is determined to be a dancer although she is ungainly and gawky and is not recognized for her ability to dance but for her voice which gets her recognition and notoriety in her home town and is her ticket out of Tiger Bay to London.

Early on in her singing career she endures great heart ache when aged sixteen she becomes pregnant and is devastated as she has to choose between her adored baby and her dream career which she is on the cusp of achieving.

She chooses her career and goes back to London. With the help of her manager her stage presence is defined and as a result her confidence grows as she realizes the effect she has on an audience and men.

She is head strong, seductive and confident and although the film only depicts her early career we can see glimpses of the diva she becomes. She has a colourful love life and many an admirer and heartache during her journey stardom.

Shirley (Female, 16 – 25)

Female, slim, mixed race, Welsh (Tiger Bay accent).
Ages from 14 years old-20 years old during the film and develops from a spotty tomboy into a seductive, strong willed songstress.
Must have amazing singing voice.

Height: Any
Ethnicity: Mixed Race

Please contact Jessica on with your details if you feel you fit the criteria, or call on 0044 207 3075 090 for more information.