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Term two has kick started in the One Year Part Time Acting Course in the Gaiety School Of Acting in Temple Bar.

We didn’t know what to expect coming back after the Christmas break, but we dived right in to scene work and the pace is a lot faster this time around.

We have already picked our scenes and picked our partners, it was a similar process to picking our monologues, I bought a really great Duologue book to help me this time around, called More Duologes and it’s great.

There are duologues in there for all ages for men and women and just women and women. My partner and I have already picked ours, it’s a scene from a play called The Clink, and we can’t wait to get working on it.

We are still doing the exercises I spoke about in my posts before, working on body movement etc except they are at a more advanced level.

Last week we had to walk around the room with our eyes closed and rely on our senses to guide us around without hitting in to our classmates, there were a few laughs that night I can tell you.

There has already been talk of our public showcase, which will take place in The Box on June 26th, it’s nerve wrecking to even think about it, but we are all moving so fast and growing as an ensemble so I have complete faith that we will be ready for it.

This week we had a theatre trip, which we have once every term, and we went to see The Life And Sort Of Death Of Eric Argyle.

I honestly cannot recommend it enough, there are tears and laughter and the cast are just amazing. The show has been widely praised by Irish press, so make sure to catch it in Smock Alley Theatre while it’s still there.

It was amazing to witness pure talent and a creative twist to a piece of theatre. These trips are really eye-opening to us, and I hope there are a few more to come.

To any aspiring actors out there looking to perfect their talent, I would really suggest applying for a course in the Gaiety. Whether it be full time, part time or just a work shop. The Gaiety also do 10 week courses, so it’s a good way to test whether doing a more intense course is right for you.

I’m really excited for my next class, and I’m looking forward to our showcase. I will be updating a blog on my experience at the Gaiety School Of Acting every week on Miss Red.

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