No experience necessary so whether you’ve already been bitten by the acting bug or have never stepped in front of the camera before, if you’d like to give it a whirl, we’d love to hear from you.

We will be casting this Thursday 24th Jan in Irishtown, Dublin. Anyone interested should send us a pic and a little bit about themselves asap putting Valentines Casting in the subject line.

If cast, you will be needed for one shoot day in Dublin, most likely the week of the 27th Jan and the fee will be in the region of €200-€300. The ad will only be shown online over the Valentines Day period.

Character Brief

Shea is a Dublin man in his late 50’s – a bit burly, characterful face, maybe a bit rough
around the edges. Maybe the last man you’d think would agonise over what to say to his
wife on Valentine’s Day, but there you go. He’s in the garage, maybe pen in hand, card on a
workbench in front of him.

Adam is a man in his mid 20’s – he’s working in his first job (wearing his first-job suit), and
has a steady girlfriend, but he still has his fashionable haircut, and still thinks he’s a bit of a
catch. He’s at his desk in an office.

Dec is a man in his 30’s – he’s a mechanic, normal guy, nondescript sort of. He’s in a small
motor garage down a back lane.

Andrew is in his mid-to-late teens – too tall, a bit gangly, not nerdy but definitely shy. He’s
sitting on the sofa at home, doodling on a pad.

Sean is in his early 30’s – he’s very straight and sober looking, maybe not that great-looking,
office guy. He’s looking in the window of a lingerie shop.

Eamon is a man in his late 40’s – he’s well groomed, Grecian 2000 model, maybe a bit of a
Bobby Dazzler in his day. He’s out for a walk with the dog.

Pavel is a Polish guy, in his 30’s
 – he’s well-built, athletic. He’s in a gym.

Keith is in his late 20’s – looks like he might be an extra from Love/Hate, but has a nice face.
He’s pushing a pram around the park.

Tom is a builder in his 50’s – very unconcerned with grooming, big guy. He’s sitting at the
kitchen table, watching his wife load the dishwasher.