Hey everyone,

Wow it is truly great to be back at the One Year Part Time Acting Course in the Gaiety School Of Acting in Temple Bar.

We had a long Christmas break of four weeks and our entire class were dying to get back to our little group of actors.

Term two has already taught us so much. We ended term one with a monologue show case and we’ve started term two preparing for our duologue showcase. So already we’ve been working on scenes together.

It’s really exciting to start work on scenes because it’s a whole other dimension to acting, re-acting is such an important part of the craft so it’s great to get in to practice.

We are picking our duologues next week which I can’t wait for. In the meantime we had a presentation this week (Term 2, Week 2) about different eras of theatre, from Greek to Breicht, and it was great fun.

As usual we used the exercise as a way to perform and let’s just say the presentations were very “creative”.

Already we have been told that we will get to see another play this term and we will be doing a stage combat class too, which we’re all so excited about.

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