Oi, Ginger!

Are you ginger and proud?

Oi, Ginger! is the latest documentary to be produced by Blueprint Pictures. Ireland has one of the highest proportions of redheaded people in the world. We will be exploring what it is like growing up as a ‘ginger’ in Ireland. This will be presented by Angela Scanlon. Angela is one of Ireland’s top fashion stylists, as well as being a TV presenter, an award-winning blogger, a successful journalist-and a natural redhead.

For one segment, we are looking to talk to a large number of red heads about what it is like to be a ginger. We will be filming the series of short interviews (lasting between 5-10 minutes) in our office on Upper Mount Street. Basically, if you (or anyone you know) have any anecdotes or stories about having red head that you would like to share, we want to hear them! They can be funny, sad, weird, anything you want to share about being a ginger!

For more information, call 01-6114989 Monday to Friday 10am-6pm or email sarah@blueprintpictures.ie