Stephen Delahunty Headshot

Stephen Delahunty is an actor living and working in Dublin. He is currently a student in our Advanced Performance Year  with David Scott. He recently attended both our ‘Casting & Audition Workshop’with Maureen Hughes and Gillian Reynolds and the Margie Haber Studio which took place in Smock Alley in conjunction with the school.

Stephen auditioned and was successful in securing a role in a Standard Life advert which he recently filmed and should air on our screens soon. Below we asked him how he went about getting the job! For all you eager beavers out there might be worth a read bearing in mind we hope to role our our Agency here at the school in the coming year…

1. Where did you learn about the audition?

Karen Lee, GSA Course Co-Ordinator sent out the breakdown via email.

2.       Who did you contact? Casting agent/advertising company/Standard Life?

I contacted Paula Lynskey who was handling the casting for the ad agency Brando.

3.       Did they require a headshot, CV or showreel?

Yes. I sent my headshot and CV with links to my Spotlight page.

4.       Where were the auditions held?

At Brando HQ, behind Molesworth Street.

5.       How many were attending the audition?

It was so well organised I didn’t get to see the competition! They were auditioning another role when I arrived so was no one waiting to audition for the role I was up for.

6.       Who was auditioning you?

The client; Standard Life and the agency Brando were there along with the cameraperson. Five people in all.

7.       What did you have to do?

I had been given audition sides a few days before, which I was asked to deliver straight to camera.

8.   Were there callbacks? If there were, what did you have to do for the callback?

No, no callbacks for this one.

9.       When did you learn that you got the job?

The following day Paula contacted me to offer the job.

10.   Did you have to sign a contract?


11.   Tell us about the actual shoot.

The shoot went extremely well. It was a location shoot at a private residence in Dundrum. It was very well organised, professional and I was in and out in 50 mins!

12.   Without detailing how much you made, were you happy with the remuneration?!

Yes. I was.