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So it’s coming very close to the end of my first term at the One Year Part Time Acting Course in the Gaiety School Of Acting in Temple Bar.

Right now we are all working towards our big showcase night. We have been hard at it the last few weeks, perfecting our monologues and trust me, it’s not an easy job.

Standing up in front of a room full of people rehearsing your monologue and having it taken apart by your teacher can be tough, but I see it as such a great learning experience. I love being directed and being told what works and what doesn’t, I think everyone in the class feels the same.

We have only two classes left until our showcase and we are more determined than ever. It’s great seeing some of my classmates improve so much, everyone is getting better and better, it’s amazing to see the effects the course has already had on us all.

We have all been talking about next term already, when we will be focusing on duologues, and we are so excited. In the last term then we will be working on scene work, so with each term comes more work, more performance and more focus, so I can’t wait to progress even further.

To any aspiring actors out there looking to perfect their talent, I would really suggest applying for a course in the Gaiety. Whether it be full time, part time or just a work shop.

The Gaiety also do 10 week courses, so it’s a good way to test whether doing a more intense course is right for you.

There are also courses in presenting and writing, so there really is a broad list to choose from. Check out their website (listed below).

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