Hey everyone,

So it’s coming very close to the end of my first term at the One Year Part Time Acting Course in the Gaiety School Of Acting in Temple Bar.

Since starting in October, I have learned so much about theatre performance, perfecting monologues, text analysis and I feel more confident as an actor.

As I have been saying in my last few posts we have been very focused on our monologues, and the entire class will be taking part in a showcase of our monologues on December 10th, the last day before we break for holidays.

It has been amazing being directed by our teacher as we have all progressed hugely. I have learned how to use my body and facial expressions in my monologue and how to deliver it for an audition.
Since joining the Gaiety I have really excelled and I have already gone for a number of auditions that have all gone really well, so I can see that I have improved.
As we work more and more on our monologues we are preparing ourselves for next term, where we will be performing duologues together. So all of this is practice for more intense, more challenging scene work. And we are all so excited.
Another thing I love about the course is the relationship with my class mates, it really is like working with your own ensemble in your own little play, and we have been getting on so well together both in and out of class.

It’s crazy to think term one is nearly finished but I’m so happy so far, and can only see the course getting even better.

To any aspiring actors out there looking to perfect their talent, I would really suggest applying for a course in the Gaiety. Whether it be full time, part time or just a work shop. The Gaiety also do 10 week courses, so it’s a good way to test whether doing a more intense course is right for you.

I’m really excited for my next class, and I’m looking forward to our showcase. I will be updating a blog on my experience at the Gaiety School Of Acting every week on Miss Red.

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