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So I’ve just started week 4 of the One Year Part Time Acting Course in the Gaiety School Of Acting in Temple Bar.

As I explained in my FIRST BLOG there has been a lot of focus on team building, getting to know one another and getting to know our space.

It’s so important to know your fellow actors and fill the space you have. Whether your on a stage or on a film set, knowing the ensemble is vital. So I have really enjoyed that part of the process.

Now it’s time to get down to business and we are starting to concentrate on our performance. First up is our monologues.

I have done a few before for auditions and acting classes but I’m really excited about this process as all the monologues are chosen with the help of our teacher and we will be directed by our teacher as well.

I have chosen a monologue from Sophocles Greek tragedy Antigone. It’s one of the most famous ancient Greek plays and I love the story.

This week we’ve spent time analyzing text and understand the importance of context and characters, to help us understand what’s going on in the text.

I learned a lot abotu the process of choosing monologues this week. You don’t just pick one you like and off you go. It’s important to make sure the character you are playing is the same age as you, that you properly understand the emotions of the character, the context of the play and how your speech needs to be delivered.

It was great reading plays again. I studied English literature in College and I loved it. I’m finding that as well as practical the course is quite theory based as well in the Gaiety which I love.

Although we are learning about performance, we are also discovering playwrights and texts and understanding how important text really is.

I’ve chosen Antigone for my monologue

I’m glad that things are getting more intense now and we are starting to focus on performing alone. It’s great to work with everyone else but  it’s important to discover what we need to work on as individuals too.

Also coming up is our first class trip, we will be seeing a play in The Project Theatre in Temple Bar and I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m really excited for my next class, and I can’t believe it’s Week 4 already. I will be updating a blog on my experience at the Gaiety School Of Acting every Monday on Miss Red.

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