New Weekly Film Festival with Innovative Concept in Ireland

Shortcutz is an urban cultural movement, that thrives naturally in big cities. It started in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2010, but the format was so successful that it was rapidly imported by some of the most important european capitals. Each city
operates independently, promoting filmmakers of its region. The best films screened at each city travel across all of the other cities, which together form the Shortcutz Network – an ever-growing platform that exists for the sole purpose of
giving filmmakers what they need the most: international exposure.

Shortcutz Dublin is the most recent member of the Shortcutz Network and is now being prepared to start by mid-November at The Twisted Pepper every Wednesdays (time to be confirmed).
Shortcutz Dublin are actually looking for five volunteers to join our team, being the most urgent, a public relations that knows quite well the Irish film market.

Shortcutz Dublin are also calling all Irish filmmakers and are waiting for your shorts!!! You can submit as many films as you want, in any genre or style, as long as they are less than 15 minutes in length and have less than one year since its completion and preferably on a HD digital file.

If you are interested please contact or follow on facebook for more information: