So! We’re two weeks into the full time 2 year course at the Gaiety School of Acting and I can honestly say it’s been the toughest but most rewarding two weeks of my life. In the past week I have studied acting, voice, movement, tap, dance, singing, stage combat, theatre history, mime, stage craft, text, improvisation, audition technique and Gaiety’s most original and creative class, manifesto. The core subjects would be voice and acting, the two most general important tools for an actor.

Each day starts with a fifteen to thirty minute intensive warm up packed with sit ups and push ups designed to build up our strength and fitness levels in order to make us ready for the intensive life style in store for us. I have to say for the first few days the warm ups were killer, I felt aches in muscles I never even knew existed,  but despite this the amount of satisfaction you get from improving everyday more than made up for it. By the second week I felt ten times more flexible and my focus had improved enormously.  I was fully engaged and getting the most out of my warm up. In terms of voice my breathing is so different, I’ve learned so much already.

The sense of focus and drive is infectious in the gaiety school! You go to class you get the most out of it , you work you engage and you give it your all and then you’re on to the next class. But what’s even nicer is that despite that strong work force, its fun. I run around voice class with my fellow students making the strangest noises and no one is one bit self-conscious. We have massage circles before class and we’ve all only known each other about two weeks. You go to the green room at lunch time and the second years chat to you openly, full of advice and funny stories. All the teachers are kind and you can really tell it’s not just a job to them, it’s a passion.  So far I love the gaiety and I can tell the next two years are going to be long, but I know when it’s over I’ll have made amazing friends and had the training of a lifetime.



We have started accepting applications for the Two Year Full Time Intensive Professional Actor Training Course 2013/14. Auditions will commence in January 2013. Your can find out more information on our website: