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Alexandra Ryan here. Editor of  Miss Red Blog, starting this week I will be writing about my experience doing at the Gaiety School of acting during my time on the One Year Part Time course.

For anyone who reads Miss Red Blog know that I am interested in everything from celebrity news to fashion trends to beauty and music, but what you didn’t know is that I am also an actress.

I have been taking acting classes since the age of 8, and it’s always been a huge passion of mine. I have acted in many plays over the years, taught my own acting and dancing school, as well as starring in musicals and now I’m ready to further my passion.

I haven’t taken part in an acting class in about three years so I decided to apply to the Gaiety School Of Acting in Temple Bar, Dublin. I was actually at an intimate interview with Colin Farrell this summer, and he spoke about getting his acceptance letter to the school and he proud he was, so I applied.

After meeting with the co-ordinator of the One Year Part Time course, he offered me a place on the course straight away and I was delighted.

Now I’m heading into my third week, and I will be blogging every week about my experience. The first week was all about getting comfortable in the space and with the people we will be acting with for the next year.

As in many of the courses I have taken before, there are numerous exercises the entire class takes part in. Some of them might seem silly, like running around the room and creating still images with your body, but the point is to build confidence and to get comfortable with your class mates.

Trust me, once you’ve made mistakes and had a laugh with your class mates, you won’t be nervous when it comes to reading out your first monologue in front of everyone.

Like I said, I’ve done a lot of courses before, so I have done some of the exercises before but it’s nice to go back to basics. As the weeks go on the course is getting more and more intense.

A lot of our exercises  you will discover, are actually about memory and body language. Two things that are crucial when acting in a play or a movie.

What I’ve learned so far is how important it is to be aware of your own body, transitioning between scene to scene always staying in character, always with confidence.

That might sound very simple, but it’s quite important, so I’m glad that we have been doing some of those crucial exercises.

So far there has been a lot of focus on body shape and movement

But like I said, things are getting more intense now. And in the next two weeks we will all be going through the monologue process.

Most actors have their own monologue that they chose themselves to use in auditions, but in the next two weeks we will learn a monologue from scratch, we will be given direction on how to act the scene and we will be acting alone in front of an entire class.

The Gaiety is a well established, world renowned acting school, so it’s great to be apart of it. Alumni include Colin Farrell himself, House actress Olivia Wilde and Stuart Townsend.

I’m really excited for my class tonight, and I can’t believe it’s Week 3 already. I will be updating a blog on my experience at the Gaiety School Of Acting every Monday on Miss Red.

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