Film Network i

What does FNi offer it’s members’?
Based in Dublin, Ireland. We offer members an online hub or members ID which they can customise to their liking (Font/Background) describe what profession(s) they practice, give a brief description about themselves in a professional or personal capacity and link all their online networks and of course their personal website sharing as much or as little information about themselves as they require. The member also has the ability to quickly link their showreel from popular video sharing websites, upload images of their work to a gallery and even upload a cv which is displayed as a universal google document for maximum exposure to find the right person in whichever discipline is required. All departments are catered for and not exclusive to any- one medium

Our Modus Operandi, Is to help emerging talent with the mechanics of independent filmmaking.
To connect. To learn about each other and grow. To communicate.
Film Network i, is an online association to showcase and connect with other talented creatives
What friends is to facebook, work contacts is to linkedin… creatives is to filmnetworki

Don’t be monopolised.

Our motto is:“Make a name for yourself.”

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