Taking place on Friday 2nd November 2012

I am casting a new series of ‘Roy’, you’ll probably have seen the first series on either CBBC or Network2.

There are 3 new boys and 2 new girls in this new series and all are aged 10yrs-11yrs old: –

Deco – he’s witty, multi-talented and hyper-intelligent… and a bully! Except Deco doesn’t see it as bullying. To him it’s a survival and coping mechanism, he treats bullying as a creative challenge, if he can use a new contraption he has made to hassle Roy or mess with his mind in a unique way, he will revel in it.  Deco is also gifted, he has a natural ability for math and science which is balanced perfectly by his artistic nature. His room is plastered with his photography, drawings, scientific contraptions and various experiments. Deco makes things worse by constantly correcting his teacher Mr. Lucey’s science and maths.

Niall – is the ‘indie’ kid and coolest boy in school. In reality Niall is the least secure of the group and tries very hard (sometimes too hard) to hide his insecurities from the others. He never means to let his friends down, but fear of ruining his image can often cloud Niall’s judgement when it comes to doing the right thing. Niall loves obscure music, dark poetry and latest worthy cause – and there’s always a worthy cause. From nuclear disarmament to the living conditions of the school guinea pig, an outraged Niall is always up for fighting the injustices of the world. When he’s with his friends, Niall likes to think of himself as the most streetwise, worldly and mature member of the group – after all, he is the eldest (but only by three days, as Tara is very fond of pointing out).

Sean – Sean is considered a bit of a posh kid by some of the other pupils. He is a voracious reader and has a lot of book knowledge. When he’s not with his friends he can usually be found with his head buried in a book. Out of the blue, Sean might casually reveal his knowledge of the inner workings of a jet-ski or even his ability to speak conversational Polish. Yes, he’s an intelligent boy. He’s just very… innocent.  His innocence is all part of his charm but it can also be a curse. For example, Sean never seems to be able to read a situation, which makes him liable to say the worst thing at the worst time. Sean is just about the most straight up kid you could meet.

Tara – Tara is an athlete, an accomplished academic, and the most popular and admired student at school. She also happens to be a very warm hearted and sweet girl, who immediately goes out of her way to make the new kids feel at home. She works hard, plays hard and has no time for nastiness because life’s just too short, so tries to see the good in everyone. Tara has always been a bit of a tomboy and is much more comfortable hanging out with the lads playing football, than gossiping with the other girls. Tara has been best friends with Abby, like, forever.

Abby – A girlie girl, she prefers the company of girls to boys but as Tara is a bit of a tomboy, Abby is willing to spend more time in the company of Roy, Sean and Niall than she would choose to. She’s not keen on the messiness and haphazardness of boys. She prefers tidiness and order. She also gets frustrated with the boys when they ignore her or don’t take her seriously. When the lads and Tara are cooking up some madcap scheme, Abby is always the voice of reason. She’s not a goody-goody per se; she just doesn’t see why they need to get involved in things that could make them end up in BIG trouble. Abby mostly spends her pocket money on clothes shopping and borrows many items from her older sisters. She has an uncanny knack of knowing just how to wear a scarf and always wears funky jewellery even if it’s against the school uniform rules.

If you are interested in coming in to audition for any of the roles above you can email me at email address below and I’ll take your details and will then contact you with a time for auditions on 2nd November.  Also, what might be a good idea  is to prepare a small scene based on any of the characters above that you think you are most like, it can be just a minute or two long but something that you think reflects the character of either Niall, Sean, Deco, Tara, Abby.  Please contact me by evening of Friday 26th October, you can send me an email anytime up to then and I’ll get back to you.

Rehearsals will be end of December and filming will be taking place from 2nd week of January to middle of June – tutors will be on set for schoolwork and filming will be days here and there during mid Jan. to mid June, not every day.

Regards, Carmel O’Connor


Mob: 087 9880328