Murderous Clown productions, based in Donegal, are currently working with a film company based in LA that is going to be filming a short film in Dublin. The film will be a pilot for a potential future feature film and will be shown at several large film festivals in America.

All actors involved will receive an IMBD credit and a copy for their showreel. If shortlisted, actors will be called to audition in Filmbase in Dublin. All expenses/food covered during the shoot.

If anyone is interested please contact Derek O’Sullivan at or by phone at 087 992 7014.

Thank you,
Nina Vallee



The Square of The Cube

Log line:

A dark comedy about a man whose only achievement in life is also his greatest failure, and his quest to put it right.


Simon Hooper (39) is leading an unfulfilling life as a present- day maths teacher with a classroom full of rowdy 14 year-old pupils more interested in goofing off than paying attention to him. Simon is married to his job, teaching mathematics in an average middle school in an average town. “Simon Squarepants,” as he’s known to students and fellow teachers alike, has been haunted for 25 years by a near miss at First Place in the Rubic Cube Contest when he was a rising maths wizard of 15. He came in second by a second and this seemingly insignificant event has totally undermined Simon’s confidence and overshadowed his life. Finally though, Simon decides it’s time for a change and he seeks one last go at the champion, Joe Mellini, if only he can find him. He locates the one female “Cube” contestant from his past, Michelle Babish, who helps him hunt down Joe for the rematch. Simon, the teacher, learns the lesson that there’s more to life than mathematics, contests and silly obsessions. When events take an unexpected turn, Simon and Michelle find new hope for happiness. A love affair ignites between them that neither saw coming or thought possible.

 Cast Breakdown: ! ! ! ! (approximate days of work)

Simon (39) Nerdy maths middle school teacher. ! 3-4 days

Michelle (39) Smart, but styfled mother of three.! ! 3-4 days

Miles (30) Irritating art instructor who likes to tease Simon 1-2 days

Tony (41) Michelle’s abusive husband! ! ! ! ! 1-2 days

Karen (24) Geography teacher, pretty, smart and empathetic. 1-2 days

Tony Mellini (39) Wheelchair-bound, suffering from a brain disease1-2 days

Mrs. Mellini (62) Tony’s mother and caregiver.! ! ! 1-2 days

Chad (16 / 17) Cocky trouble maker, pupil! ! ! ! ! 1-2 days

Extras: 10 Students (M&F) in Simon’s math class (16/17 years old) 1-2 days

Extras: 2 smoking girl students (16-17 years old)