Actors required for a research project in computer graphics, we are looking for native English speaking actors (18-30) to be motion captured.

The project is aimed at capturing a database of motions (e.g., performing, dancing, walking, running, jumping…) from a large variety of people.

You will need to act naturally and perform while wearing a tight lycra suit with 50 markers (refective spheres) on your body and 40 markers attached to your face.

We will also be gathering data such as your height, weight, age, body symmetry etc.

The motion capture will take place in Trinity College during the coming weeks and will comprise of 2 sessions.

In the first session (2 hours) we will capture face and body movement, in the second session (1 hour) we will record only body movement.

Actors will receive a €40 One4all voucher.

Please forward a CV to Kenneth Ryall at