Students on the Filmbase Digital Filmmaking course are shooting a short film on the weekend of the 5th, 6th and 7th of October. The film is called Name Changers. We are currently casting for two roles in the film. Would you be interested in auditioning for any of the roles? The audition takes place Thursday 13th September. The auditions will be taking place in filmbase in Temple bar.

Before you reply please be aware that we cannot pay you for the shoot. We can provide you with food and transport costs. We will also give you a DVD for your show reel. The course is a filmbase course and we are full insured by them.

Here is a summary of the characters:

John is  20-30, believes he is the great white hope of Irish rap, and is a Sligo Rovers Die Hard. He is a heartwarmer, the innocent of the piece, for whom the world is consistent in it’s wonder. He is a country boy who is captivated by the urban buzz, even when confronted with the incomprehensible.

James is African/Asian male. 20-30, is clownish and committed to avant garde doom metal and retro video games. He is non plussed and unphased by the world around him, like an out of work Charlie Chaplin impersonator strung out on valium, as he eats gummy bears to satiate his hunger for gelatine based confectionary.

If you are interested please reply to the following email: