Artist,  Scott Anthony Kelly, is organising an exhibition in Smock Alley for November and is looking for actors and performers to assist him with a launch. Please contact him directly on if you are interested in being a part of it. Please see below an outline of the exhibition.

“Monolog”  – Photographic Exhibition Fri 30th November- Sun 9th December

Banqueting Hall, Smock Alley Theatre, Temple Bar Dublin.

Monolog” focuses  on the relationship between performer and viewer, photographer and actor/model.. in that a Monolog is viewed and cannot exist alone as the actor reveals  internal thoughts, processes  and feelings to the viewer. 

The exhibition consists of large archival photographic prints on easels of Scott Anthony Kelly’s photographic collaborations with Irish actors and dancers.  narrative and storytelling are a feature ofScott’s cinematic photography.

Fri 30th November
The reception will feature Monolog  performances by leading Irish and International actors and as fundraising party  for the Smock Alley Theatre, Ireland’s oldest theatre space


A series of talks by actors and directors on the monologue and their experiences with the monologue and what it means and its place in the modern world.

Sat 1st   Sun December 2012 Festival of  Monolog Performance’s-

–  Schedule of Performed monologues 12 to 6pm

–  Multimedia: a number of screen  and devices with headphones will show short experimental films.

–  Talks by (Thespians, dramaturges and cinematographers)) will discuss the perils of presenting monologues to modern audiences.

For more information please contact: