Shyness is nice and shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to…

Finding ourselves experiencing the rare occasion of an actual Blue Moon this past Friday, it was only right that an equally rare occurrence would befall us: We, the fabulously flawless Spirit of Folkers, made a booboo.  Twas not shyness but rather a wee mix-up with room booking and some unbreakable prior engagements that called an early halt to this week’s proceedings.  C’est a dire, after all the hype in my last entry, we didn’t get around to performing our fully off-book run of the play for Natasha and Dave, our darling festival co-ordinator and our dear writer, respectively.  However!  The topsy-turvy mish-mash of excitement and a desperate need to please this wonderful pair has not had time or opportunity to quell as we are re-scheduled for this very Tuesday September 4th.  Gasp!

Please excuse any excessive exclamations…I love a good over-reaction, me. In all sincerity though, we are all bubbling with excitement and anticipation as we draw another week closer to the big event, Spirit of Folk, at which we will debut our (nay, Dave Phillips’ ) brand spanking new and completely original play, Return of the Fianna.  Rehearsals have been ploughing on very nicely, no major hiccups yet, thanks be to Dionysus!  We gathered at our usual meeting place, the wonderful – funderful, always buzzing – never fizzling, all singing – all dancing (well, mostly acting) Gaiety School of Acting and got cracking with line runs and blocking, once some essential formalities had been dealt with…by which I mean we established that the boys can all kick the living b’jaysis out of the hanging punch bag the previous class left behind, each in an equally manly way (flex!), and also, that our Sam does one hell of a…unique Elvis impression!  Both always good to know.  Thems our boys!  But I digress…

Swaying sharply back towards our lovely lady Folkers, I’d now like to continue the introblogtrons…no, blogtroductions…wait.  That’s gonna need some work – ANYWAY – please allow me to introduce you to this weeks pair of loverly actor types, Ms Kathy O’Meara and Ms Lena Kenny…

Kathy O’Meara, Performing as the Voice of the Prologue…

Our Kathy has had a vast range of training and experience over the years.  Originally hailing from north-west England, Kathy started building her performance resumee with the Wirral Youth Theatre.  Along with this experience she also achieved some very impressive qualifications, ranging from O & A Levels in Theatre Studies, to both studying and performing theatre at Cambridge University.  And let’s not leave out that wonderful class in which all of us Folkers met, the Gaiety School of Acting’s Advanced Performance Year.  Here are just a few mentions of Kathy’s acting credits in recent years:

Antonia in Fortune’s Fool’s production of The Tempest, at Iveagh Gardens August 2012

Emmeline Pankhurst in Petticoat Rebellion

Prostitute in Zigger Zagger

Iago in Othello (GSA Showcase)

Kath in Entertaining Mr Sloane (GSA Showcase)

Maggie in Big Maggie (GSA Showcase)

Kathy’s also done some voice-over work for both radio (Phoenix FM, Dublin City FM) and Cinema (Rank, Carlton).  Additionally, she’s got some great hobbies which come in very handy in this particular trade; Kathy swims, rides horses, is an avid runner, enjoys stage combat, comedy improv, likes singing, Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain…Em, that last bit may or may not be true, I’ll have to get back to you!

Grainne the Witch, portrayed by Lena Kenny…

Lena, like myself, owes most of her training to GSA, having participated in several of their short courses and, just in case I haven’t mentioned it enough already, the GSA’s Advanced Performance Year.  She has completedIntroduction to Drama and Page to Stage, with nothing but praise for her wonderful tutors and all the lovely-jubbly performance wisdom that they’ve imparted on her.

Lena cites the following two as her most memorable performance credits to date:

Her truly unique take on a character that we shall refer to only as Traveller in her version of Women in a Playground by Christopher Durang.  How Lena developed her character was simply ingenious, if you ask me…and a whole heck of a lot of others too.

And, a role I am dying to know more about – a character called Lars, in a school production entitled The Last Temptation of Michael Flatley.  Now that we must chat about, Lena.  Tea’s on me.  Actually, make that Lemsip…or soup…or – what do you feed somebody who’s just had their tonsils taken out, as our lovely Lena just has?!

Get well soon, Bird, we’ll miss you at rehearsals this week.  Don’t stay away too long…

As for the rest of you – please go away now, that’s me done for this week.  Oh come on, by this point you must know how groggy I get without my tea and cake – so off with ye!

Until next time…


GSA & Spirit of Folk Blogger, Amanda Darling.

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