I began my Gaiety school journey in April 2011 with ‘Into to Drama’ followed quickly with ‘Page to stage part 1’. I initially started acting because I had returned from traveling and wanted to do something different outside my normal day job. Acting was always something that interested me and when I heard the raving reviews my brother-in-law had for the Gaiety school, I knew I needed to hop on the band wagon!

I was delighted when I was accepted into the ‘Performance Year’ in 2011. Acting has since became so much more to me than a hobbie, I feel its such an amazing outlet for anyone and I hold such a passion for it now. What I found fantastic was there could be anything at all going on in your normal day to day life but when you enter into class, none of that matters! You could be coming from the worst day in work ever but when you get into class, you forget about that, it’s completely left at the door and you leave the class buzzing and wanting more.I was initially worried would the two evenings a week be too much along with a full-time job but I learnt very quickly this was definitely not going to be a issue. The enjoyment, fulfillment and buzz you get from the class really is addictive. The performance year is that step up and you do everything from Monologues, Duologues, Theory to Group scenes.
You learn so so much in all these areas. Monologues is the first term, this is extremely beneficial because if you are going for auditions, this generally is what you want to be able to nail and you then showcase these monologues with your class at the end of term one.Duologues in the second term was so much fun, Aoife (my class mate) and I along with help from our teacher Antoinette picked a scene we loved and we had A LOT of laughs rehearsing it. I couldn’t wait till the next class or rehearsal date. The second term showcase you then perform in front of the other performance year classes and class mates. This gives you a real adrenaline rush and you come off stage wanting to go back on and do it over and over again.The final term then we performed duologues and group scenes in front of our friends and family in the black box theatre. Leading up to the final showcase, you do put in a lot of rehearsing outside of normal class hours, but I didn’t mind this in the slightest as it was very rewarding. The school were great and you could go in and use their facilities outside your normal class hours and Antoinette gave up alot of her spare time to work with us on our duologues and group scenes but it all certainly paid-off in the end. You can never rehearse and research a scene too much, you’ll always tease something new out.I would genuinely recommend the Performance Year for anyone whose looking to get into acting to anyone looking to do something completely different and outside your normal comfort zone. It has a great social setting, I have made some life-long friends during the year and along with your class nights out, you also have your showcase nights and any nights out the full-time students will be organising throughout the year also. You get so much out of the year – your confidence boosts,  you make friends,  you learn a lot about the theatre, characters, theatre history and genres to performing and that feeling before you go on stage, where you feel your heart is going to pound out of your chest to when you come off stage and can’t wait for the next time you get to go back on.

Applications for our One Year Part Time courses for 2012/13 close in September . If you are interested in applying for our One Year Part Time course in Performance Year please check out this link: http://www.gaietyschool.com/courses/part_time/one_year_adult/


Complete the application form and email: info@gaietyschool.com to secure and interview date.

Mary Kavanagh is a One -Year Part Time student with the Gaiety School of Acting. After completely Performance year, last year she is now going forward to study with the Performance Theatre Company in 2012/13. We would like to thank her for sharing her experience of Performance Year with us.