This is a casting call for ‘Believe It Or Not‘, a short film to be shot the weekend 6th – 7th October (Provisional). The shoot will take place in Dublin. Male 25-35 & Male 35-50 required.

This is a no-budget production and therefore the roles are unpaid.

There will however be lunch, snacks and refreshments provided on the day.

Actors will also be provided with a copy of the finished film.

Rehearsals might be needed so flexibility and above all reliability is essential.


‘Believe It Or Not’ is a short dark comedy set in Dublin.

Jason & Floyd are 2 hitmen on one of the lower rungs of the criminal underworld ladder. They have worked as a pair for some time. They are holed up in a lockup making final preparations for their next job. However, a difference of opinion could thwart their plans before they even get started….

The Roles:

Jason: (35-50) Jason has been around the block and seen it all. He is tough, no-nonsense and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. He likes to be in control and this includes himself and his temper. He has taken anger management classes in the past so he can better keep his cool in tense, fraught situations.

Floyd: (25-35) Floyd is a younger less experienced hit man. He likes to be well prepared for the job. He has unique opinions on certain topics, and sincerely holds them, so sees no reason not to speak his mind.

How to apply:

Production: Curved Films

Enquiries: Tom Lynch

Headshots & CV to be sent to:

Selected applicants will be notified for audition.

Auditions will be held in Dublin during the week commencing 10th September.