Music Video Shoot – “Paradox – Mr. Bureaucracy”

Cork Alternative Rock band Paradox are currently working on a video for their new single Mr. Bureaucracy with the guys from
We’re looking for some actors to appear in the video’s storyline. We can’t offer payment as it’s a low budget video but we can of course include the actors in credits and it would be great experience for any students who are looking for work experience for college or otherwise (video will be on all the online sites too such as youtube, facebook etc.. as well as featured on the zombie websites and we also plan to use this video as our main promotion tool for the new album and song.)

Here’s some info – Mr Bureaucracy is the first single from the new Paradox album ‘Corporate Pollution’. With it’s fast pulsing grungy riffs and melodic vocals ‘Mr. Bureaucracy’ is aimed towards any corporate or political establishment designed to keep society dumb, confused and poor.
You can hear the track in full at

The video idea concept if an office environment, people wearing suits and mask, clocking in taking a ticket, person behind computer attached by wires typing, security person checking bar code ID on people walking into office. We’re also looking for elderly man for middle part of song.
Please email – or for more info and I can email you storyboard of video so you can get a better idea.
Also any extras for office waiting room etc.. would be very welcomed.