Week 3 – By Rozanna Purcell, Irish Model

Being our last week, the class were all well comfortable with one another, which is good as this was definitely our most challenging week! We had to use all the skills we acquired in the classes so far, and we had all grown used to being out of our comfort zone at this stage so nothing seemed too daunting! I was excited about getting the chance to perform my monologue alone for my class! It was my opportunity to showcase everything I had learned and a chance to watch my peers perform! We were asked to get in pairs where one person was blind folded and the other lead them to around a special place they once knew growing up, the storyteller had to be very descriptive and the blind folded person had to be very imaginative. I really enjoyed being blindfolded the better option as I’ve always had a wild imagination so it came very easy!

Based on this exercise we had to write monologues for one another, which we would have to perform. We had to analyse it from both an actor’s and a director’s perspective. It was interesting to express to someone how you want them to perform the monologue you have composed whilst also taking into consideration staging and expression and then allowing them to take their direction as an actor. I presented my partner’s monologue last, it was difficult at the start to try grasp the exact character my partner had pictured but eventually when I performed the piece it was actually much easier to do in front of my class than rehearsing it in pairs. It ended very positively for me when the teacher said I would be great for camera acting, as I am very expressionist and show a lot of emotion.

Her comments have totally inspired me to sign up for my next course already!!! I have decided to do the TV Presentation course with Bill Hughes starting in October, I think it can tie in very nicely with my modeling and if it is in anything like the Adult Summer Drama course it will be extremely beneficial to me and great fun! I’m looking forward to it already!

The Gaiety School of Acting would like to thank Rozanna Purcell for contributing her experiences of Adult Summer Drama to our blog. We hope the skills she has developed will aid her going forward in her career and we look forward to having her back with us in October for our new TV presentation Course with Bill Hughes.  Spaces still available, please call us on 01 6799277 to book in early.

The Gaiety School of Acting has just released our new Autumn line up for 2012/13. This  October sees the return of our regular favorites for adults such as Introduction to Drama, Acting for Camera  Levels 1, 2 & 3, Page to Stage, Advanced Page to Stage and Cork’s Adult Studio. We are also thrilled to offer a host of new courses for adults including a 10 week course in TV Presentation with Bill Hughes, Make a Play with award winning writer/director/actor, Iseult Golden for those interested in devising and making theatre and Dramatic Writing 1 & 2 with Michelle Read, all of which contain exciting new elements. For more information please do check out our website.