Another two weeks have passed and I’m happy to report that things are shaping up nicely.  Rehearsals are right on track and, give or take a few unavoidable absences (I’m sorry gang!), things are going nice and smoothly.  This week is set to be an interesting one for us as this coming Thursday is our target to be off-book and on point.  Gulp!  Fear…panic…shortness of breath – ah who am I kidding – we love a challenge, us Spirit of Folk, eh…folk.

To add to the drama and excitement, Thursday also marks the day that our good lady SOF co-ordinator, Natasha Duffy, returns from holidays and comes to check in on us messers…I mean us, emm…sophisticated, professional actor types…ahem.  Along with her, our beloved Tash will bring none other that the brilliant brain behind this whole operation and writer of Return of The Fianna, Dave Phillips.  Time to give the mini-performance of our lives to impress the bosses!  Okay, so maybe I’m over-stating things but these are the targets we must set ourselves in order to become the thrilling theatrical thespians that we just know we can be…theoretically.  Well anyway, here’s to smooth sailing on Thursday!

To continue what I started in my last entry, I’d like to tell you a little more about the acting folk involved in this here production of Return of The Fianna. So without further ado, please allow me to introduce to you, Ciara Breen and Aidan Collins! Our stars…

Laura, The Nurse – played by Ciara Breenbegan performing with Leixlip Musical and Variety Group at the tender young age of eight, primarily as a dancer in pantomime and musical productions.  She continued on with the group for a decade before taking herself off to university to train as a secondary school teacher.  It was in her role as a teacher Ciara rekindled her theatrical spirit and began directing and choreographing school shows, which she has continued to do for more than six years.  Ciara also took part in TG4 / Midas television production, Idir Mna, exploring the stories of some of Ireland’s most gruesome female killers over the past fifty years.  It wasn’t long after this that Ciara, like the rest of us, rocked up to the Gaiety School of Acting.  There, she has completed three courses; Adult Summer Drama, Performance Year & Advanced Performance Year.

Caoilte Mac Ronain of the Fianna – played by Aidan Collins…has racked up plenty of credits working as a media producer and film editor over the last eleven years.  He has produced numerous documentaries for television broadcast, cinema, web and multi-media installations.  Some writing credits include “Peig – Cultural Heresy” (novel, 2009) and Bun Go Bar (play for Aisling Ghear, 2012).  With regard to acting roles, Aidan has the following under his belt:

John Millington Synge in “Changeling”, an adaptation of Joseph O’Connor’s “Ghostlight” – Dublin City Libraries’ One City One Book Festival (2011).

Oscar Wilde in a Public Waltz in St Stephen’s Green – Dublin City Libraries’ One City One Book Festival (2010).

Oscar Wilde in “A Re-enactment of the Wedding of Bram Stoker” – Dublin City Libraries’ One City One Book Festival (2009).

Finally we have, what Aidan himself refers to as, his most obscure role to date – the voice of Winston Churchill for a multi-media installation for the National Trust, the UK’s heritage service.  Hmm.  So there!

Oh and, lest we forget, that old beauty of a class in which we all met, the Gaiety School of Acting’s Advanced Performance Year.  Ah memories… 🙂

Well, that about sums it up for this week – you have plenty to be reading and I have plenty to be eating…this cake won’t ingest itself, so if you’ll excuse me…I SAID GOOD DAY!

Until next time… 🙂


GSA & Spirit of Folk Blogger, Amanda Darling.

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