Casting for Short Film 
This is unpaid work but catering will be provided.
Casting for various actors for Inservice Day, a no-budget comedy set in a
classroom in primary school. Please send CVs and Showreels to
Auditions will be on Sep 8th and 9th (although we will accept video
auditions on request). One day rehearsal (tbc) + One day shoot (Sat,
29 Sep) in Dublin.
Writer/Director Diarmuid Hayes was involved in this year’s Storyland
winner The Begrudgers, putting together the highly-praised behind the
scenes videos.
Improvisation will be encouraged during rehearsal
and the shoot. Great opportunity to get some comedy on your showreel.
The Story
The children have a day off, and the teachers are stuck inside at a
training day. The course instructor rattles the cage and some
embarrassing secrets are exposed, leaving everyone pointing fingers.
The Roles
LUCY early 40s
Lucy is the course instructor, a specialist from the department
brought into the school to coordinate the inservice day. She is
proper, direct, but somewhat oblivious, and treats the teachers like
the teachers would treat their pupils.PATRICIA late 40s
Patricia is the vice-principal of the school, but also teaches a
class. She is compassionate, reasonable and understanding. A married
mother of two, she feels she has a duty to stand up for those more
vulnerable than her, but at the same time has a weakness for gossip.

PIERCE mid-20’s
Pierce is a younger teacher, intelligent and well mannered. He takes a
certain satisfaction in not being a fully fledged part of the group.
He is sarcastic and has little commitment to any of his coworkers.

AMY late-20’s
Amy focuses her attention less on work matters, and more on her ever
changing love life. She is slightly dim. Her relationships are
fleeting but meaningful. She craves romance but when she finds it she
gets bored easily. She is confident in her appearance, and dismissive
of her coworkers.

SHANE mid-30’s
SHANE is a moral man. He is engaged. He is mature and it is important
for him to maintain his ‘play by the rules’ reputation, not only among
the school, but in the wider community

CLAIRE early 30’s
CLAIRE lacks confidence. She bites her nails. She is vulnerable and
easily won over by the slightest compliment. She is a caring teacher
who has her students’ best interests at heart, but her low self esteem
prevents her from commanding authority in the classroom and in

LLOYD late 20’s

LLOYD is loud, jock-ish and speaks without thinking. He likes to
impose himself, and strives to be the alpha male in most situations.
He has little tolerance for people who don’t share his world view. He
alienates people with his arrogance.

VALERIE mid-20’s
A younger teacher. She is gentle and caring, and is a brilliant
schoolteacher. When people meet her they like her, but often would
forget her. She could be pretty if she tried.

THOMAS is not a smart man. Although lacking in intelligence, he still
takes great pride in what he perceives to be his own moments of
cunning. Thomas can be crass and insensitive, but it’s generally out
of ignorance rather than malice.

ANDREW early 30’s
ANDREW in a way is Lloyd’s side-kick. He seeks security in following
who he perceives to be the most dominant character in any situation.
He fears he lacks intellect, and this fear manifests itself on siding
with the group and deflecting attention away from him.

WILLIAM is a quiet older gentleman. He has been at the school for a
long time but does not get the respect that this would typically
afford him. He is  falling behind in a fast changing work environment,
but he doesn’t know this.

RONNIE is an older teacher. He has taught at the school for a long
time, but is falling behind in a fast changing work environment. This
insecurity manifests itself in him following who he perceives to be
the most dominant character in any situation, or siding with the
majority to deflect attention away from himself.