Week 2:  Day 1 – Monday We started this week by again refreshing ourselves after the 5 day gap with name,  focus,  vocal and creative exercises. One of my favorite exercises was when we paired off and each took turns being blind folded whist our partner guided us around! First through the use of touch, then by the use of sound during time which we were faced with the obstacles of moving furniture, fans, water and steps by our teacher! We really had to trust our partner and rely on our senses and focus. The last hour of the three hours class is dedicated this to putting into practice all the skills we have acquired on this particular day. We were again put in pairs where we had to develop a 2 minute sketch about the relationship between two people by only using the lines:

“A: Hi’

‘B: How are you?’

‘A: Fine’

We had to make it clear to the audience what the relationship was, through the way we expressed ourselves to one another! A real challenge with so little words and we only had two minutes to do it! This was a very testing exercise but it made me think about the importance of expression, gesture, silence and it really made me focus on developing a detailed relationship between these two characters. Our teacher emphasized that the best acting happens when there is no speaking!

Week 2: Day 2 -Wednesday Today we received our monologue to perform in the final class of this course. We got in pairs and read them between one another to refresh our choices and begin visualizing and getting comfortable with our characters. However this had been our homework for the weekend so it wasn’t long before we were back doing our warm up games and creating pictures with our groups.

Our teacher reminded us not to ‘over think’ and ‘just do’ when it comes to these exercises. This is something I find hard to do but it gets a lot easier when you just let yourself go! Similar to Monday’s class, we paired up again for a 2 minute sketch but like Monday there was a twist! The challenge was that there had to be at least a 30 seconds of silence within the sketch and we had to make seem totally natural between the two characters and believable to the audience! We had 15 minutes to prepare, which doesn’t seem that long but after only four classes I am surprised at how quick I have become at creating stories, developing them and working out the finer details of stage layout, dialogue and gestures etc!…. Again this was a challenging exercise and reiterated the importance of gesture, expression, stage layout and creating a picture, in telling a story rather than relying on words! It’s great to also be an observer for the other groups! It is nice to watch everyone progress and it’s amazing to see how in the space of a week people have developed! My homework this weekend is learning my monologue and deciding on the direction I want to take it! I picked a comedy sketch. I would have thought something like this would have been nerve wrecking but with all the skills I have so far gained performing in front of the class has become such a regular task! I am now actually looking forward to it!

After class on Wednesday, we all went for drinks together which was great fun! One of my favorite things about this course so far is the great people you meet! So far, so good.

This blog is written by Irish Model, Rozanna Pucell, who is taking her first course in Adult Summer Drama at The Gaiety School of Acting. Our final ‘Adult Summer Drama’ course runs from 3rd September, twice a week for 3 weeks. ‘Introduction to Drama’ courses will run in the evenings from 2nd October 2012 and these last 10 weeks. Call 1890 258 358 or visit our website: http://www.gaietyschool.com/courses/part_time/ for more information.